Like a Flower

All flowers start out as small seeds, in small pots. When the young flower’s roots are strong

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Lazy Ace

Hah, such lies, no ace is lazy.

I mentioned sometime before how I’m lazy, things have not changed, I still enjoy

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I’ve walked around Malmö today, you know just enjoying the sun, water and later on the beautiful sunset~!


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Om nom nom

Hello everyone!

Did you check out today’s Kpop Monday? Today’s feature is 4 beautiful girls and their hit song

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Kpop Monday #17

Are you Monday’s gray and gloomy?
Let’s get some color going!

So, What exactly is “Kpop Monday”? It will be that

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Technology, my biggest enemy. It feels like the technology just dies every time it sees me, my computer is acting

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I’m Sorry

I wanted to write something meaningful, something useful for all of you today. But I ended up talking about some

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Movie Night 2~

Hello everyone, had another movie night together with one of my friends today, and we tried out the chocolate fountain

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Play play play~!

We had Avalinity rehearsal yesterday, but K was busy, so we where rocking it by ourselves!<br

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Why bother?

Are you tired of reading about my days and my thoughts yet?
….too bad. That’s why I’m blogging! 


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