Avalinity/Banana Chips at Hemgården 18.05.2016

I just wanted to write a “quick” post about yesterday’s gig.

A huge thank you to everyone who dropped by, and a big thank you to Banana Chips who made the event happen and rocked out with us!

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To be completely honest with you, I was not sure if I would manage to perform yesterday. A few hours prior to our live I had a an allergy attack that just didn’t want to leave me alone. There seams to be something in the Swedish air that I am extremely allergic to, but usually it’s not a problem since I take medication for it, but I assume yesterday was one of those “extreme” days….
Having an allergy attack means for me (since everyone reacts differently to being allergic) awful coughing, lots of snot and a hard time to breath; so I was freaking out and trying to pull myself together until the last second.
A shout out to my aunt who dropped by with a stronger asthma spray which is probably the only reason I was able to perform last night.

Even though I had a shaky start with all of the coughing I had been doing for the last 2 hours, I could feel how my coughing and breathing got better for every second and I think we managed to go through yesterday’s live well and end it on a top level.
I’m writing this to explain that life not always work’s the way you want, and that I like many others have normal stupid issues like allergies.

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Besides all of that (and the extremely sour throat I have today) yesterday’s live was amazing, and I had lots of fun.
So once again thank you for coming, thank you to our members, working with you guys is always the best thing ~
I’m sorry for the bad start yesterday, but we managed to get through it and I will keep on working hard and hope this kind of thing doesn’t happen again.

Also, we got news that we raised 938 SEK together on yesterday’s gig, and I just want to say how happy I am that we have such amazing people with us. The money will be given to the Kumamoto prefectural government who will use it to help their people and for reconstruction after the earthquake, all of this was possible thanks to the Japanese exchange students of Lunds University, so a thank you to them as well.

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And I will end this post with a little announcement about myself:

Didn’t you think it was weird we had our last live in a foreseeable future…? 
I will be going back to Japan over the summer to enroll in a summer course at Chiba University, through my own University (Lunds University).
But don’t be sad, I’ll be back in August, rocking it out with Avalinity and I’ll do my best (or Manager Moo and Areku are going to kill me) to update my blog with fun posts about Japan, so keep your eyes open!

All pictures are taken by Sano Concert’s –Thank you! 

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