Avalinity/Banana Chips at Hemgården 18.05.2016

I just wanted to write a “quick” post about yesterday’s gig.

A huge thank you to everyone who dropped

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The flow in my work

Everyone remembers the post Areku published on his blog; How

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Play play play~!

We had Avalinity rehearsal yesterday, but K was busy, so we where rocking it by ourselves!<br

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Killing it~

I’m free from classes!!! (for a week)

Besides sleeping half of the day and still being tired, we had rehearsal with

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I woke up with the sun shining into my room today, and even though I don’t really enjoy being in the sun, it brought

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Creative day

I’ve spent most of today testing out some cool vocal and backtrack possibilities for an Avalinity song (not

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Avalinity in Höganäs (part I)

Hello Everyone! I just got back home from playing  a live in Höganäs! First time being there, it was fun thank you

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So listen baby~

너와 눈 맞추고 너와 발 맞추고
너와 입 맞추고
Don’t stop

I’m married to the music

Oh… right… we aren’t suppose

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Catch up post; Avalinity

Hello, Hello Everyone!

As most of you know I Sing in a Visual Rock band called Avalinity~ And I thought it would

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