My musical inspiration 4

We’ve reached the last person I’ll be introducing in this inspiration series, and tomorrow‘s

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My musical inspiration 3

28th of September

The third musician to be talked about this month is the one and only

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My musical inspiration 2

27th of September

Yesterday we talked about Gackt and what inspires me when it comes to him and his work. Today we’re

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My musical inspiration 1

26th of September

So for the next 4 days, my daily update will be about 4 of my biggest musical inspirations. Some

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The flow in my work

Everyone remembers the post Areku published on his blog; How

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Avalinity in Höganäs (part I)

Hello Everyone! I just got back home from playing  a live in Höganäs! First time being there, it was fun thank you

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So listen baby~

너와 눈 맞추고 너와 발 맞추고
너와 입 맞추고
Don’t stop

I’m married to the music

Oh… right… we aren’t suppose

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