The flow in my work

Everyone remembers the post Areku published on his blog; How

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I’m Sorry

I wanted to write something meaningful, something useful for all of you today. But I ended up talking about some

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Lost in dreams

Even though I found my way back, the memories of that dream still lingers. Every time I close my eyes, the only

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Just another Tuesday..?

Today is the international women’s day.
Congratulations to all of us, for not doing anything.

I think appreciating

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So listen baby~

너와 눈 맞추고 너와 발 맞추고
너와 입 맞추고
Don’t stop

I’m married to the music

Oh… right… we aren’t suppose

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Some days life is against you. You’ve barely gotten any sleep, you’ve had a shitty doctors appointment

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29th of December

I spent one year of my life, in a different place. Looking back at it now, 1 year was incredibly long… there

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27th of December

Waaah, Happy Birthday to me! Hahaha, today has been amazing, and I was dead set on answering all of your beautiful

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26th of December

Time flies fast. It feels like yesterday was the 1st of December, and now we are already here! The 26th!<br

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Ideas that turn into reality

Think, write, erase, write, think, throw away, write, think, erase, but don’t give up.

Everything takes time, taking

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