Kpop Monday #15

Are you Monday’s gray and gloomy?
Let’s get some color going!

So, What exactly is “Kpop Monday”? It will be that day of the week, where I put my Kpop playlist on shuffle, get one song and introduce it to you guys! Remember, some songs might be party, sad, happy, chill, new, old and yeah you know all of that~

So the 15th song to go is…..

Tell Me (What is Love) by  D.O & Yoo Young Jin

smstation 2

Today’s recommendation is a collaboration between EXO member D.O and singer/songwriter Yoo Young Jin.
This song got released through SM Entertainments weekly single project SM Station, and before starting to talk about why I enjoy this song, I want to take a moment to tell you who they are.
Yoo Youn Jin, who I have noticed that many people don’t know.. is not only a super talented singer/songwriter, that has worked with SM entertainment for ages; he might even be the genius behind your favorit SM jam.

He’s the composer behind hits like;
BOA’s ID; peace B, Girls on top/
Super Junior’s Sorry Sorry, Mr. Simple/
SHINee’s Ring Ding Dong, Lucifer/
TVXQ’s Keep your head down, Before U Go/
EXO’s History, MAMA/
Girls Generation’s I got a boy/  

and much, much more…
also he’s been writing lyrics for…
yeah the list is long and pretty good but if I write more
you’ll all have my head.

I’ve also taken the liberty of assuming you all already know who D.O is.
Now that we’ve made it clear who Yoo Young Jin is, let’s talk about Tell Me (What is Love).
Ah, I’ve been waiting for a full version of this song since D.O sang a short version as his solo stage for the EXO’luXion tour.

As almost all other smooth R&B tracks, Tell Me (What is Love) have a steady heartbeat beat going on, a pretty acoustic guitar and lots of synth. The instrumental is pretty, and I think it leaves space for the two amazingly talented vocals to shine.
This song is all about those harmonies.
D.O and Young Jin’s vocals go so beautiful together and I’m happy it’s not a solo song because their colors shine through and make the song exciting.
My absolut favorit thing about Tell Me (What is Love), is the small vocal details,  Yoo Young Jin with his “Hey baby please stop”, and D.O with his falsetto a bit later into the song.

If you enjoy smooth R&B tracks, or just want to enjoy a song with lots of vocal quality… This is your song!
There is a official music video, but it’s not the full song.
So I’m leaving you with a english sub video someone’s been kind enough to do.

Check out last weeks Kpop Monday here! (Which features another EXO member in the MV!)

DOYouYoungJinTellMeWhatIsLove 2Single: Tell Me (What is Love) (2016)






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