Kpop Monday #17

Are you Monday’s gray and gloomy?
Let’s get some color going!

So, What exactly is “Kpop Monday”? It will be that day of the week, where I put my Kpop playlist on shuffle, get one song and introduce it to you guys! Remember, some songs might be party, sad, happy, chill, new, old and yeah you know all of that~

So the 17th song to go is…..

Something by Girl’s Day

i0i3YoeUVxtHk-Copy 2

So Girl’s Day  is holding tight to the sexy but not to much concept with Something, there are parts of the performance that I’m not so found of, because to be honest it looks sort of cheap.
But I’m not here to judge their performance, but to talk about the song, and the song is about a boyfriend that is hiding something….. another relationship. I like the lyrics, the girls have noticed that something is wrong, confronts the guy who seams guilty and they sort of realize how the relationship won’t work because well, this guy is obviously not cool.

Since we started off with the lyrics I’ll move on to the vocals. It sucks to be the party pooper, but only one of the girls sing with power. I’m not saying the other 3 sing bad, but in this song, their vocal is a bit…. powerless. I’ve been thinking that they might be trying to sing it in a breathless “sexy” way, but nah… I don’t think that’s the reason.
Something doesn’t have a rap! Which is good, cause it would’ve killed the song, instead they have a part in the end where they talk/sing (what’s that called?) and judging from the music video, it’s like they are praying, and I think it’s a very nice ending.
Oh! Also love the singing in the bridge before the choruses, it makes the song uniq and it probably one of the main reasons I end up remembering it.

The instrumental is simpel – you don’t really get many Kpop Songs with an instrumental that have lot’s of different things going on and still sounding good-, though I enjoy the trumpets and the finger-snapping details.

Overall the song is catchy and I let it play mostly as background music, something to move your head to while washing the dishes~

What do you guys think, is the song too sexy or did the girls rock the concept?

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Girls-Day-Ring-My-BellAlbum: Love (2015)





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