Kpop Monday #19

Are you Monday’s gray and gloomy?
Let’s get some color going!

So, What exactly is “Kpop Monday”? It will be that day of the week, where I put my Kpop playlist on shuffle, get one song and introduce it to you guys! Remember, some songs might be party, sad, happy, chill, new, old and yeah you know all of that~

If you are tired of all the slow jams I’ve been recommending, this is a song for you!

The 19th song to go is…..

Stranger by SHINee


You might remember SHINee from the other Kpop Monday’s that they’ve been featured on, 2 & 7 to be more specific.
Now let’s get to business.

Stranger starts of as soon as you click play, the burst of energy that hits you will keep on delivering through the whole song.
It got a nice beat, the synth is catchy and the melody of the lyrics goes really well together with the instrumental. It’s a shame that I can’t dance, because this is one of the songs I would like to party my night away with.

Now when it comes to the vocals I have something interesting to share with you all, I am really not fond of the use of auto-tune.
Usually auto-tune is overused, and when I know the person they are using it on is actually capable to sing perfectly well without it… I just end up being angry.
For Stranger, there are some auto tune used and the interesting part is, that I think it fits the song perfectly. As I said before, the melody of the lyrics go hand in hand with the instrumental, and even though I like it when vocals stand out from the lyrics, this song is just not that kind of song. I even enjoy the rap here!
Seriously I wish I could dance without embarrassing myself.

Lyrics? Well, It seams like these boys saw someone and got interested at first glance and no matter what’s going on this is their it person, so stranger ended up becoming familiar.
The chorus is guaranteed to be stuck in your head (like all Kpop party songs), with it’s “Can’t get you out of my head” in perfect english, and the Ohlalalalalalalalalala.

Don’t forget to tell me what you think!

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220px-ShineesherlockkoreaAlbum: Sherlock (2012)






2 thoughts on “Kpop Monday #19

  1. skunkpirat Reply

    Total Kpop newbie here, but I do enjoy your Mondays. This really does stick in your head. Perfect for that feeling of can’t get that it person out of your head (and most likely you don’t want to). And who don’t like Ohlalala’s?

    I probably am that awkward person in the room who will dance regardless if she can or not. Because life is dull enough without not dancing to a catchy tune such as this. Strangers becoming familiar, so pretty.

    1. officialsasa Reply

      I’m happy to hear that you enjoy my Kpop Monday’s it means a lot!

      Hahaha, that’s the right way to go!! Wish I was that cool~!

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