Kpop Monday #20

Wow, we are now on our 20th Kpop Monday! – Can’t believe it myself

Because it’s been 20 Kpop Monday’s since we’ve begun this adventure, I’m going to refresh our memories and make sure no one missed an awesome song!

pssst! I’ve also updated the broken links. 
If you click on the title you’ll be taken to the right Kpop Monday post, if you click on the image you’ll be taken to the song!

Kpop Monday #1 

Error by VIXX

Kpop Monday #2

Hitchhiking by SHINeeshinee misc

Kpop Monday #3 

Mirror by MBLAQ

Kpop Monday #4

You Think by Girls Generation

Kpop Monday #5

Do you know why by F.T. Island

Kpop Monday #6

Fly to you by Royal Pirates

Kpop Monday #7

View by SHINee
SHINee-Odd-Album-Teaser-Image 2

Kpop Monday #8

Hot Enough by VIXX

Kpop Monday #9

Neverland by U-KISS

Kpop Monday #10

I miss you by MAMAMOO

Kpop Monday #11

Just right by GOT7

Kpop Monday #12

Ain’t Nobody by HA:TFELT
Screen Shot 2014-07-30 at 10.09.34 PM

Kpop Monday #13

Psycho by History
tumblr_n7mmo78z7j1sonbuwo1_1280 2

Kpop Monday #14

You don’t know love by K. Will
kwillFeatureimage14Oct2013 2

Kpop Monday #15

Tell Me (What is Love) by D.O & Yoo Young Jin
smstation 2

Kpop Monday #16

Run by BTS (Bangtan Boys)

Kpop Monday #17

Something by Girl’s Day
i0i3YoeUVxtHk-Copy 2

Kpop Monday #18

Excuses by G.Soul

Kpop Monday #19

Stranger by SHINee

Which one is your favorit this far?



2 thoughts on “Kpop Monday #20

  1. skunkpirat Reply

    The Kpop Monday turned into Tuesday, procrastination. 😉
    They’re all interesting. I’m no good with choosing, but these are my favs so far:

    Hitchhiking – SHINee
    I seem to like SHINee I had no idea. This is optimistic without being too much. Makes you want to dance while it speaks to a Whovian. It’s the same positive vibe of nothing is impossible.

    You Think – Girls Generation
    Wow, such attitude! Hard not to dig this empowerment.

    Fly to you – Royal Pirates
    What’s not to like? So sweet, both melody and lyrics.

    Hot Enough – Vixx
    Vixx is really interesting, this song breaths sexy naughty, the right way.

    Just right – GOT7
    Feelgood song, and we all need that from time to time. The video is so cute!

    Something – Girl’s Day
    Also attitude, but a bit more suspicious and that talked to me.

    If I’d only get to pick the one it’d be this one:
    Stranger – SHINee
    Completely contagious! Can’t get it out of my head now.

    1. officialsasa Reply

      Depends on your timezone! ;D For me it was actually still Monday~ ^^/
      As I huge SHINee fan I’m happy to see that you seam to enjoy their music, I’ll do my best to get some more variation (though everything get’s picked through shuffle and well… I have lots of SHINee songs….. ^^’)
      Also a huge thank you for always not only reading my Kpop Monday’s but also COMMENTING!
      Much love to you, it inspirers me to keep on updating <3

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