Kpop Monday #23

Are you Monday’s gray and gloomy?
Let’s get some color going!

So, What exactly is “Kpop Monday”? It will be that day of the week, where I put my Kpop playlist on shuffle, get one song and introduce it to you guys! Remember, some songs might be party, sad, happy, chill, new, old and yeah you know all of that~

the 23rd song to go is…

The 7th Sense by NCT Unct-u

Today I’m actually writing about one of K‘s latest obsessions; so I hope she’ll read through today’s Kpop Monday! (because it’s something that she usually doesn’t do)

So NCT U is a newly debuted group, and there’s a lot of confusion about how the group structure is suppose to be… so it’s a good thing we are only focusing on their song today!

The first thing you’ll notice with this song is how stripped down, yet huge it is. It’s pretty experimental (at least for being Kpop), and laid back.
The instrumental doesn’t really change much through the song, but there are some details that helps build up a feel:
firstly, the middle eastern wind instrument (? correct me if I’m wrong) and
secondly the tension, it feels like something is going to happen… but it never does!

So, almost everything with this song, is based on the voices.

Let’s start with rap:
Even though the main rapper with the deep, raspy voice doesn’t really impress me that much, the contrast of his voice is really enjoyable.
Since I’m on the topic, the second rapper (0.43 in the official MV linked below), has the nicest tone in my opinion, and I really wish there was more of his voice in the song, yet when it comes to rapping style it’s the last rapper (1.56) that really impress me, it feels like his rap goes against the flow sometimes and it’s beautiful.

The group vocals are beautiful, the mix of deep and high tones are beautiful and ad-libs going on is to die for. I really enjoy the effects that are added to the vocals, it really fits the song and makes everything dreamy. Also the reverb is needed to fill up the space that is left open since the instrumental is so stripped down.

Overall, this feels really artsy to me (so does the MV!). I enjoy the simplicity of the song, and the dreamy feel it gives.
Extra shout out to the ad-lib guy and even though I’m usually not a fan of too much vocal effects, I do find it fitting in this song just because it adds up to the dreamy feel.

Do you think the simplicity makes the song elegant? or is it just to simple for you? 

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irl82jbdbk2jnox8syfz-150x150Single: The 7th Sense (2016)





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