Kpop Monday #24

Are you Monday’s gray and gloomy?
Let’s get some color going!

So, What exactly is “Kpop Monday”? It will be that day of the week, where I put my Kpop playlist on shuffle, get one song and introduce it to you guys! Remember, some songs might be party, sad, happy, chill, new, old and yeah you know all of that~

Well distracted from the latest episode of Game of Thrones, and to celebrate the release of an amazing musicians first official full length album; I decided to shuffle my song from the previews songs of this amazing musician:

so the 24th song to go is…

Déjà-Boo by Jonghyun (SHINee) feat. Zion T


You might know him as the main vocalist of SHINee, but today, I’m actually not planning on talking about Jonghyun at all… you’ll know why soon enough.

So Déjà-Boo was one of the songs featured in Jonghyun’s first solo mini album, and one of the many songs he composed (together with Zion. T) and written lyrics for!
Now this should be a song all you funk lovers have on your favorit playlist.

Funky yet smooth, repetitive yet catchy and as soon as you think you’re getting tired, we get a perfectly executed rap from Zion.T, followed by Jonghyun making his own talk/rap bridge and then we get a nice reminder of how catchy this whole song was before it’s time to say goodbye.

The thing that impresses me the most, or well catches my attention the most in the instrumental, is the groovy bass, ah it’s so nice.
Another thing worth noting is like always the way Jonghyun sings, the way he varies between singing on the lower end and changed up to his falsetto is just beautiful, like always.

So, if this did not impress you, why not let Jonghyun himself try to impress you with his smooth pick up lines, since he’s not like the others, he doesn’t make you uncomfortable and wait, stop it,  he’s definitely seen you somewhere before, like a déjà vu but it doesn’t matter since you’re his Déjà-Boo.

…..Yeah I know, lame~  I just had too
Go on everyone, Check out the song by yourselves and tell me what you think!

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And I’m of to go listen to Jonghyun’s new album, She isif you are a fan and have heard it, comment down below and let me know how it is!


jjongAlbum: Base (2015)





One thought on “Kpop Monday #24

  1. skunkpirat Reply

    Oh, this is lovable! Instant on the list track. I really enjoy his vocals and the lala like sound of the whole song. It’s so funky, I don’t think I’d get tired of the sound but the interruption of the rap is still appreciated.

    And that’s not lame. It gives flavour and besides I for one like that kind of thing, as I’m battling my own instant thought of this is such a “I’ll dance sexy for you” kind of a song. Not to mention the second though of funky and cheery like cherry pie and sunshine. As if that wasn’t the corniest thing.

    The lyrics are the sweetest! Déjà vu is a tricky feeling. Nice yet strange, to click from the first moment you see someone. It’s like you know them, even though reason tells you otherwise. I can’t help but feel a bit unsure when that happens to me. Like, what if it’s only me? So naturally, I like this smooth it’s more than fine song. A very good song to play for someone if you want to give them their confidence back.

    Thank you so much for sharing this! <3

    And now I'll check out, She is.

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