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26th of September

So for the next 4 days, my daily update will be about 4 of my biggest musical inspirations.
Some of them, I honestly look up to in more than musical ways.
I said before that having someone that inspires you, and that you look up to is normal and good so I decided to talk about my own inspirations.
Though I’m pretty sure these won’t really come as a shock to any of you.

First to be talked about is the one and only


2009643_originalwhy was it so hard to find a picture of this man..?

Gackt is probably the first Japanese musician I seriously started to like, I enjoy that he is involved in his work and I like most of the music he releases too.
But the thing that inspires me the most when it comes to Gackt is honestly the way he works.

I’ve read way to many different statements he has made through the time, about how the idea he had in mind would be denied by his crew or by some other staff but that he always pushes through, standing for what he wants.
He seams to be a person that doesn’t give up until everything is just the way he wants it to be.
And that is really admirable about him.

I also wish to be able to make the things I imagine in my head happen in real life, there’s extremely much lacking from my part, but seeing someone doing it is just a nice push for me.

The original plan of this post was to end it with my favorite song from the musician I’m talking about…
But that is a bit hard… seriously.
So today I’ll leave you with two songs that I really like (this was also hard to do).

Last song (Unplugged)


I recommend you checking out some more of his works, he has done a lot of different things and as I mentioned above, I enjoy most of them~ maybe you will too.

Tomorrows musician might come as a surprise for the people who don’t know me that well~


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