My musical inspiration 3

28th of September

The third musician to be talked about this month is the one and only


Hyde (L’Arc-en-Ciel/VAMPS)

I think many people already know that Hyde is one of the musicians I really look up too, but I don’t think many actually know why. There are honestly many things I like about Hyde, one being that he always looks extremely relaxed on stage. It doesn’t feel like he stresses out about everything happenings perfectly, he’s just there doing his thing and whatever happens, happens.
That helps the audience relax and enjoy the show~ which is more than nice!

Another thing I find extremely inspiring about Hyde is the way he sings. His singing technique is not 100% correct (like anyone’s is, lol), he often experiments with his voice, and he just sings.
Of course he knows how to sing, but you know sometimes it gets a bit wrong, sometimes it’s a bit rough and on edge but he has made these small things into his own style. You sort of expect that Hyde’s voice is not 100% clean, cause that’s not his style.
And I really like that.

Being able to come as far as Hyde has, while not having the best singing voice out there is amazing.
It just shows that there is more than just a good voice to a vocalist, the confidence.
And that’s probably the main reason to why Hyde is my inspiration.

I’ll leave you once again with two songs from Hyde;

The cape of storm       -Hyde (solo)

Chase             -L’arc en ciel

See you tomorrow~!


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