My musical inspiration 4

We’ve reached the last person I’ll be introducing in this inspiration series, and tomorrow‘s the last day of September, so I’ll be back finishing this month with all of you.
Today’s musician is… unexpected. Yet, really expected I guess.

Taemin (from SHINee)


Everyone and their mothers know that I’m a fan of Taemin, but I don’t think people realized that I also look up to him.
Taemin is equal to pure hard work in my mind.

This boy who debuted at an extremely young age, and only really could… dance, has truly worked his way to the top.
Many k-netizen used to say that he was tone deaf at his time of debut. I would like to disagree (something I tend to do when it comes to K-netizens). But the main point is that Taemin, really could only dance.
Now, he is one of the best performers I’ve ever seen. His dancing has of course evolved and keeps on getting better and better, but Taemin also learned to sing.
He learned how to act in front of the camera and he practiced his way to success.

Taemin is the living example of hard work gets you to your goal.
I think everyone, specially lazy ass me could learn a lot from his hard work.

Never give up~

I’ll round up this inspiration posts with two songs from Taemin!

Press your number

Solider (first time he wrote his own lyrics!)

I’ve said it before, there are a lot of different musicians that I look up too bedsides the 4 that I have introduced to you. But these four is what I would probably call main inspirations.
I hope all of you have enjoyed reading these posts, and maybe you now understand my way of thinking a bit more. Writing these 4 posts have been incredibly fun and something I sort of needed, like a reminder.

So, who inspires you?


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