11th of September

Today has been a good day.

I’ve been hearing and seeing so many things that have made me happy~ so to celebrate…..
I decided to make some 비빔밥 (bibimbap)! And even though it’s been a while… it turned out really well!
Too bad my partner in crime wasn’t here to see how good I can be… but, what to do~!

So since my preparation picture which I posted on Instagram got your attention…

Cooking cooking〜

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Here you go~ today’s dinner was Bibimbap!
IMG_6121 2
What’s your favorit food?

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One thought on “11th of September

  1. skunkpirat Reply

    I’m a master of late response. I think food interests me because it’s like the weather something we all know. That bibimbap looks super yummy!

    Now the question of fav. food always eludes me. I don’t really have a favourite dish as such I like far too many to just pick some. I tend to go for anything with lots of vegetables. I do eat meat sometimes, mostly when in company or maybe I’ll stretch to enjoy some fish (still have a soft spot for salmon) or chicken on my own.

    Generally I eat vegetarian dishes because I like that. It really bugs me when people assume the only reason I do is because I’m on a diet or in some misguided belief of being better than them. If I had a penny… I’d be filthy rich by now. Wouldn’t that be swell. The big mystery is, I eat things I like and try to make the time to enjoy it.

    If I’d say I had any food love it’d be potatoes. I don’t know why, I just really like it in any form and lately I also have a big thing for sweet potatoes, who are not strictly speaking potatoes at all, but equally tasty. I do crave green peas or broccoli at times. And fav. snack is still carrots and yes apple and coffee, it’s my thing.

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