19th of September

Autumn is here!
Omg it’s been so cold today (and yesterday) and I have of course cought a light cold because it always happens when the seasons change~
A kid laughed at my outfit this morning when I was out with my dog… She was wearing shorts and running around for PE class…

The good thing with autumn, which is coming later than usual here is all the cozy that comes with it! Tea, blankets, a good book and a cute dog and life feels perfect for a while.
Honestly I’ve been living on Christmas feels since yesterday… I know I’m sorry, and because that is a big No too soon I’ve made an autumn playlist too keep me in the right mood.

So I’ll leave you with one of my favorite autumn songs!

Which I also talked about back in Kpop Monday #14!
Do you have any special Autumn songs?


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