1st of September

Good morning (?? hahaha) everyone~

It’s the 1st of September! In Sweden this is the beginning of autumn. Autumn is not only the time where the weather starts to get colder, but this is the time where the vacations are over, the time when most of us go back to work and school, and also the time when people start school, the new beginnings.

For those who follow me on Twitter you know that I’m back in University, and it does truly feel like university this time.
Today is my 3rd day back and I’ve already studied more than I ever did last term…
Not only has the Japanese I’m studying gotten harder, but I’m also studying psychology… May I rest in peace.
We will see how that will go!

To not kill myself from only studying, and because I really want to spend more time with you all, I’ll be spending this months with you.

So, how was your summer? What’s your autumn plans?

see you soon~

2 thoughts on “1st of September

  1. skunkpirat Reply

    Can’t really say I’m a good morning person,no… more of a hopeless night owl admiring the moon. Must be the wolf in me. Anyway, I can relate to that two courses stress, I hope it will work out well for you. I’m sure you’ll learn much but some terms are far more work than others.

    It sure is fall season, even though it was better and warmer weather yesterday than it was during most of summer. Of course it is when you’re back in school kind of. In my case it’s a new beginning with hints of old, as I try my hand at an artistic writing course. It’s nice to deviate somewhat from the academic without ending the writing and reading habit. To be honest I didn’t think I’d get in because I had to submit a writing sample and a personal letter describing my writing ideas. Short story is I got a letter during the summer telling me I got in, as first choice too. I know it’s a bit silly but it’s a good feeling to be chosen like that because of something you created yourself. I have just entered a phase of reading the other student’s texts and I can see they chose people on writing skill rather than grades. What a difference!

    I haven’t really made much autumn plans apart from the course and a BJD convention I hope I will attend this weekend. I need and want to keep a high attendance on this course but the schedule isn’t exactly fixed as yet, we might have more events to attend, so it’s very much planning week to week right now. That’s perhaps the drawback of art courses. I think we’re not supposed to work on weekends (for real), I might actually have some more time for my own projects or making more social plans and dare I say it, have a life.

    I feel boring but dedicating a longer period (two terms) to writing and doing reading response is something I always wanted to do, but I never dared applying before. Now I feel eager to explore other parts of life as well.

    1. officialsasa Reply

      Oh Congratulations on getting in on your artistic writing course!
      Sounds interesting and fun~!
      I wish you luck and hope you’ll learn lots of new things <3

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