20th of September

Today’s been a mess…
I woke up freezing to death (The heat inside is still not turned on here), my wrist has been hurting the whole day, and I’ve just been so incredibly tired.
I honestly didn’t want to get up… but my dog needs his morning walk so I had no choice. 
The things I do for this baby

Anyway, I got my emotions in check for class and dragged my lazy ass to University to actually do something useful, which I did! …but then I got distracted during the final hour, and my focus was gone.
But it was worth it, spent the rest of the day being lazy at home with my cousin, and there had been lots of laughing going on which is incredibly nice.
Being out in the open about life is something my brain and my health just appreciates, seriously.
A big thank you for my cousin who is surviving me and my embarrassing life. Love you~

Talking about people that have to live with me being me, I miss my big sister who I haven’t seen for ages….!!! So I’m blessing you all with a summer selfie we took together.


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