21st of September

Today I’ll be spamming you with my baby.
I’m not sorry.

This darling has been showered, gotten his face trimmed and overall been groomed today~!
Which is honestly the only thing I’ve been doing, my dog is a poodle and they are pretty high maintenance… though it’s worth it.

I know I act like this kid is a baby (he is in my head) but we’ve been together for 11 years and when it’s only the two of us we are so in sync it’s crazy.
He does everything the way I do it, both good and bad.
He even silently whines like I do… (I know none dog (/animals???) owners might be confused)

Best thing my dog does though, is his judging look.
He learned it from me. It’s a perfect copy, seriously.
Unfortunately… he uses it mostly for me.

I know you see his face often, but he is my life.
Look at this newly washed beauty, everyone say hello to my little Igge~

Do you also have one these in your house? Don’t forget to introduce it to us!


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