24th of September

I would like to start today’s post with saying that I’m pretty sure that K survived last nights dinner! #success
Honestly, I’m not that bad at cooking…. 

Anyway, today’s topic (I have one of those today) will be loneliness.
Why? Because my house was filled with loud laughter and people talking loudly yesterday and today it’s so silent…. That you can’t help but feel lonely.

It’s funny because I’m not someone that dislikes loneliness.
I enjoy the silence, the opportunity to be with myself and there are a lot of things that I prefer doing alone then in a group of people.
But you know, when the company is top notch, you can’t help but having a good time and wanting to do more things with them~

One thing that I always preferred doing alone, is eating breakfast.
I’m extremely picky when it comes to breakfast, and it’s one of the few things that I need lots of time to enjoy.
Don’t get me wrong, I prefer eating a nice dinner with my friends over any breakfast, but it’s just something about breakfast that makes me want to do it 100% stress free.
Since I unfortunately don’t always have 1 hour to spare for my breakfast…. I usually skip eating it.
No breakfast is better than stressful breakfast. 

But today, in this loneliness, I took my time and enjoyed a perfect breakfast.Image-1

Do you like being alone?


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One thought on “24th of September

  1. skunkpirat Reply

    I was never in doubt that K would be more than fine. Yeah, I totally get that kind of lonely the day after feel, happens a lot.

    I think some people are certain I prefer alone. I don’t really. I like having people around me. Unless I’m dealing with something, then I might need some time to process alone before talking. I think I just don’t prefer big groups and are very shy when meeting people for the first time. As far as I understand it I like people very much and I want to give them all the attention they deserve. That becomes exhausting and tricky in a big group or big crowd especially in a new place. I tend to be much more relaxed or at least another kind of nervous with only one or two or three other people. But that doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy a bigger group at times. But it can wear me out a bit afterwards.

    I think that I feel more uncertain in Swedish, since my language skills are really crap at times, especially when I try to speak. I was always teased for my poor way of talking Swedish and the dialects I replicate when I don’t mean to. And I’m truly horrible at small talk I never know what to say and just end up saying something either completely incomprehensible or panicky stupid. I might shy away from conversation because of that. When I try to speak, you’re special even if I say weird obvious stuff. I ask you for something, the smallest thing, then I do really like you enough to fight those demons. I also very much suffer from thinking things I do or think are boring.

    I’m so glad you mentioned the breakfast thing, that’s so me too. Other than early mornings I talk everything and all as best I can. That I can go by myself doesn’t mean I won’t enjoy company as well. At times, especially when writing, I simply enjoy having someone around to make sounds and smells. I like that comfort of another living very close, but people don’t have to entertain or give me attention all the time. I enjoy those times when they do though.

    I like some alone time, but most of all I enjoy close to. If that makes any sense.
    Top notch company, you can never get enough of, not even in the morning.

    That’s one nice breakfast.

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