2nd of September

It’s already the second day of this month and time is running away faster than usual.
I guess these posts will all have a tad bit of complaining going on, but I need to went it out and I hope all of you won’t mind that much. I’ll try keeping it short but refreshing (for myself~).

Today started earlier than usual for me, and like the past day’s it’s been filled with studies… but I can happily tell you I’ve spent the night hanging out with my favorite Kookie K~
So now, after a lot of talking and lot of quality TV show watching, I’m going to get a little more studying done before bed.

It’s the weekend everyone, I hope you all take a break and just enjoy life!
Love you all~

(OH! Today’s picture is Lund University Library, one of the most beautiful buildings of the university, and I have the pleasure to walk past it everyday~)


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