7th of September

It’s the 7th of September and I’m officially 100% on dog watching duty~
Goodbye life and hello my darling spoiled dog!

Today I want to point out something incredibly important.
Everyone respect people’s privacy.
I know I say it often, but I just hope it reaches out to more and more people.
Just because you like a celebrity you don’t have the right to own them. And sure having a favorit celebrity/Idol or just someone you look up to is 100% okay! It’s actually good to gain inspiration from different people and most importantly learn from other’s mistakes.
But remember that following someone blindly, specially a celebrity which you honestly know nothing about… is a big No.

I know that most of the people that are reading this post aren’t like what I’ve mentioned above. But I hope that even you guys can make this into a big deal, spread it, talk about it, point it out when someone thinks they have the right to stalk and know things about their favorit celebrities.

And please, don’t spread false rumors, bash someone or something or wish that people go and die. Even celebrities hang on the internet and just because you are hiding behind a random username it doesn’t mean that you are 100% anonymous.

We are all humans in the end, and I don’t wish to see so many people losing themselves in their fantasies.

To end today’s post on a better note… here’s my love~

Sweet dreams everyone~

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